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These are some great, yet simple tips for how to help your babe form an attachment to his/her snugglebunny. A lovey or comfort object is truly the best gift you can give YOURSELF. Baby will learn to self soothe and as she/he grows, the snugglebunny with be able to bring security and comfort until they are able to develop the ability to self soothe for themselves. Honestly an indispensable addition to your nappy bag.
Our @lilynjackofficial #snugglebunnieshave been loved on by babies and children for 14 years, we really do believe in our product, just ask the 1000s of moms who have trusted and relied on LnJ to help them on their parenting journey 🐰

1. Include it in your daily activities
Tuck the lovey in between you during feedings, play peek-a-boo with it during playtime, include it in your bedtime routine, and rub the soft lovey against their skin so they get used to its feel and smell. Help them feel comfortable with the lovey while you are close by.

2. Give it Mommy’s familiar smell
It helps if the lovey smells like Mommy when you can’t physically be in the room. Wear the lovey next to your skin for a day to help give it Mom’s familiar smell.

3. Introduce it during nap and bedtime
Introduce the lovey into the crib by tucking it in their arms when they go to sleep and encouraging them to hold on to it. While they are lying in their crib, rub it against their face so they can feel its softness.

Your child is ultimately the one who is going to choose their lovey, but you can help influence that decision. Be consistent about helping them bond to it, and they should have a new beloved companion in just a few days.

[most of this excerpt is from http://www.babyzzz.ca/3-tips-to-help-your-child-bond-with-a-lovey-2/]

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